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Angie Kent to star in new Aussie horror movie, – WHO Magazine

She watched movies on Gogglebox and now Angie Kent is taking to the big screen herself!

The 2019 Bachelorette is set to star in upcoming Aussie horror movie The Possessed and has shared the exciting details with fans.

Angie, 30, will star alongside Wolf Creek‘s John Jarratt and Real Housewives of Sydney star and actress Melissa Tkautz in the horror flick that will be shot in Queensland.

This is the reality star’s first feature film and Angie explained on Studio 10 that she had to audition, but in a COVID safe way via video link.

“I thought ‘You know what I’m going to give it a red hot go, I probably won’t get it,” she told hosts Sarah Harris and Tristan MacManus.

“I sat in the back of my car looking like I was in a dark, dingy set-up. I had my laptop and I made myself all scruffy, like old school Angie.”

Angie added that she had to act really frightened and that it was something she’d never done before.

Source by Alex Lily, WHO Magazine ; read more click here

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