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nexus files studios

About Nexus Files

Nexus Files Studios (“Nexus Files”) is an Australian-based film and television production firm based in Queensland on the beautiful Gold Coast – the heartland of Australian film production.  The 3,155m2 studio is only a few minutes’ drive to 57 kilometres of glorious white sand beaches.

Whilst Nexus Files will produce a diverse range of content, a unique partnership with Nexus Magazine, which has over three decades of enlightening material on a wide range of illuminating alternative subjects, will enable Nexus Files to focus on “connecting people to the unknown” – opening and challenging the minds of viewers to new and exciting “never seen before” content.

The Nexus Files Studios Stage

Nexus Files has a long-term view and has harnessed an extremely talented and experienced A-list group of professionals, including financiers, directors, producers, cast and crew, with the aim being to deliver high quality productions at prices that are affordable for distributors – a perfect blend of creativity, technical expertise and great management.

Strong government film incentives and sound management of Covid-19 is helping the Australian film industry experience a phenomenal growth phase. Nexus Files is also playing a vital role in the film industry, providing valuable employment opportunities to a large number of cast and crew.

The Nexus Files Studios Stage 1

The company’s first film offering, The Possessed, starring John Jarratt, is now complete and will be in cinemas from 1 November 2021. Several more projects are underway, in various stages of development or pre-production.

Nexus Files has also recently signed co-production deals on two new TV series for US broadcasters and streaming companies.

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