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All-Australian horror movie ‘The Possessed’ gets first trailer

There is a niche corner of film well in need of more support in Australia, and that is the business of horror. Legendary director Chris Sun has been pulling his weight for some time in the area, with four feature films already under his belt. The fifth, The Possessed, is set to be released this year, with the first teaser trailer for the encounter out now. Sun’s style, as cult fans would know, is defined by the magic of his use of practical special effects rather than CGI to deliver the scare that you’re there for.

Not only was it written and directed by Sun, it stars the face of Australian horror himself, John Jarratt, who portrayed the petrifying Mick Taylor in the Wolf Creek series. Alongside him is Home and Away and Tomorrow When The War Began’s Aussie sweetheart Lincoln Lewis, playing his nephew Liam. The movie follows the pair as they leverage our protagonist’s ability to perform exorcists, when a sinister change comes through that disrupts what they do. Lauren Grimson stars as Liam’s girlfriend, who also possesses the gift of Jarratt’s character to engage with the darker side of what we can and can’t see. As the story goes, “Death is here, and it will do anything to be free.”

With the practical effects that Chris Sun is infamous for, an all-star Australian cast also featuring Angie Kent, Melissa Tkautz, Simone Buchanan and Jade Kevin Foster, this is one not to be missed by Aussie cinemagoers and international horror enthusiasts. Christine Hulsby, Sue Baldwin, Danny Baldwin and Mitchell Clough round out Sun’s team on production, and we can’t wait to see what pants-shitting scares they have in store for us. We should see The Possessed hitting our screens later this year.

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